Useful websites/pages
and background reading

House of Water and Environment
Palestinian non-profit NGO set up in 2004 to promote practical research into
the current and future state of water resources in Palestine and across the region.

Separating the waters by Clemens Messerschmidt
First published in the German review Inamo, this is a crucial exposition
 of the true impact of the separation wall on water security and the possibility of a Palestinian state. In two parts.
Palestine Hydrology Group
The oldest Palestinian NGO focusing on the water sector:
see especially the pages on their WaSH (Water and Sanitary Hygeine) monitoring programme.

The Applied Research Institute - Jerusalem
Publishers of the invaluable Geopolitical Atlas of Palestine.

The Alternative Information Center
One of the most progressive and best-informed activist organisations
bringing together Palestinians and Israelis committed to
building a common future.